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What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is a holistic study of man across space and time. It studies both biological aspects as well as cultural. It touches upon almost every aspect of man. But from UPSC perspective you don’t have to study any aspect in detail.

Who can take up Anthropology?

• People from any background can easily take it up and get a good grip of it within 4 months.
• People usually are in doubt when it comes to choosing this subject, as the common perception is that a background in biology is a must. But this is not TRUE.
• 10th standard knowledge of Biology is sufficient. All one has to know are basics of Cell, Gene, DNA, etc. rest can be easily studied.
• Cultural part of Anthropology is very easy to understand and remember.

What are the advantages of Anthropology?

• Anthropology is very easy to understand.
• Average score is more compared to many other subjects.
• Limited syllabus and books.
• New research work is not happening at a fast pace compared to other subjects, in India. Even if there is some progress being made, it is not inculcated into the exam pattern.
• Questions are direct and repeat every couple of years. Hardly 1-2 questions (10 markers) are out of the box.
• In KPSC, Anthropology is around 60% of UPSC syllabus. So your burden is hugely reduced. Scoring is also high.

Challenges in Anthropology?

• Though the concepts are extremely easy to understand, the biggest challenge is remembering the complicated tribal names, anthropologists and the books they have written.
• The examples should be relevant and correctly matched. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact.

Classroom Programme:

We can divide this into two – teaching and Tests.

In Classroom teaching, all topics will be dealt in a holistic manner. This subject will not only be taught from exam point of view but also in a more practical sense which will enable the student to be more aware of one’s surrounding. We clearly divide the issues taught in the class into ones which is relevant for exam and the ones relevant to understand the subject better (but not required for exam).

Also, at Dr. Rajkumar Academy we believe that UPSC optional preparation is not just about attending classes, taking down some notes and going back. We believe that writing practice in the form of tests should go in parallel with the classroom teaching. So in our classroom program, students will be writing tests regularly where there will be short tests of one hour each. The syllabus will be minimum of two chapters for each test. This has its own advantages – students getting motivated to write the tests as it has lesser topics to be covered and the chapters will be studied more in detail. At the end they will write full length tests so that they increase their speed.

The tests that the aspirants write will have one to one feedback. This will give them a very clear picture as to where they are going wrong and will help them to correct.

Study materials will be given for few topics and for others students will be made to write in class.

Duration :4 months.