Public Administration

Optional is a critical part of UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. Especially the Mains exam which is one of the most crucial stage of Civil Services Exam requires the right optional to be chosen. Self-interest and relevant information should the prime motive for choosing not just public administration, but for any optional subject. Optional choice should be based on interest and ability to comprehend the subject which should be reflected in the ability to write and address the demand of questions in the exam.

Public Administration is one of the most common optional chosen in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Public Administration can be chosen as an optional irrespective of the academic background of the student. After the syllabus was revised in 2013 each Public administration paper consists of 250 marks. The duration for each Public administration mains paper is 3 hours.

Understanding Public Administration

The syllabus of Public Administration outlines two papers for the subject. The first paper is about fundamental understanding of the discipline and the theories of administration. The public administration paper II syllabus consists of the structure and operational aspects Indian administration. It takes special attention of the significant issues of Indian administration which keeps the paper dynamic and relevant to the contemporary developments

How to prepare for Public Administration?

An aspirant should build a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts, theories, and principles associated. Clarity and comprehension is essential for one cannot get good score in this exam. While studying students must take notes on not just specific issues but also prepare every topic from a holistic perspective. It is advised to make notes after sufficient reading and understanding. Later, you can combine the topics together accordingly and build necessary correlations.

Building correlations and interlinking about Paper-I and Paper-II will help addressing the questions better. This will help aspirants especially during revision. It will give an overall idea about the entire subject with each topic. On a quantitative note daily two-three hours reading is required to build the necessary understanding.

Is a classroom coaching required?

Since most of the aspirants come from either technical or non-humanities background, coaching becomes a necessity. A classroom coaching will help aspirants build a necessary exam orientation of the topics. It will guide the aspirants with answer writing ability and much needed comprehension and correlation.

After Coaching What?

After a classroom coaching it is advised that the students also take a test series for Public administration. It will help them to test their knowledge and expand their analysing skills etc. Besides, it will also help them to adapt and manage the time also.

As a logical extension, aspirants must study previous year question papers which are the best sources for UPSC exam preparation are. Candidates are advised to solve at least past five years UPSC question paper.

Speciality of Dr Rajkumar Academy

The optional class will be held for 4 months with an integrated test series after completion of relevant parts of the syllabus. We will have a crash course in the time period between prelims and mains having an exclusive exam orientation. All papers will be evaluated one to one for personal customisation. This will certainly help all aspirants have a unique advantage.