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Personality Guidance Program

Importance of UPSC Interview

The UPSC interview evaluates a candidate's personality, including analytical ability, decision-making, and more. Its purpose is to assess suitability for public service. It considers intellectual and social qualities, interests, and leadership potential. Successful candidates are typically 2.2 times the vacancies advertised. The interview score determines the specific service. It lasts 30 minutes and covers various topics, including hobbies, reasons for joining, opinions on current issues, and more. Dr. Rajkumar Academy offers a "Personality Guidance Program" for interview success.

Personality Guidance Program

The Personality Guidance Program is a comprehensive and dynamic initiative crafted to provide aspirants with a holistic approach to interview preparation. We understand that excelling in the civil service interview requires more than just factual knowledge – it calls for impeccable communication, thoughtful articulation, and a confident demeanour. Our program is meticulously designed to address these elements and empower you to shine during your interview.

Features of the program