1. REAP 2021 Dr Rajkumar Academy
  2. REAP 2021 Mains Test Series Time Table
  3. REAP Prelims Test Series 2021 - Detailed Schedule & Syllabus

    Are you Prelims 2021 ready? Time to assess now!

    Due to the dynamic pattern of UPSC Civil Service Prelims in the recent years, it has become imperative to reorient your strategy to changing needs of the exam.

    Catering to it, Dr Rajkumar Academy for Civil Services, announces EXCLUSIVE PRELIMS TEST SERIES "REAP - PRELIMS 2021"- Holistic assessment program, meticulously designed pedagogical structured to provide a suitable strategy to aspirants to handle the different facets of prelims paper...

    Various dimensions of Test series are as follows:

    🔸 Commencing from Feb 21st 2021.
    🔸 Comprising of 33 tests ( sectional & comprehensive, including Eight CSAT Papers).
    🔸 Tests available Online and Offline mode.
    🔸Fees : 3600/- (inclusive of GST)

    Register NOW by using this link : REAP 2021 Registration Form or Call us on 📞 9108446444 immediately.